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ufabet id line Moto GP prepared to release No. 69 in honor of the legendary deceased legend, Nicky Hayden, former 2006 American world champion.

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ufabet id line Moto GP The ceremony will take place in the Moto GP, Grand Prix of the Americas in April. To announce the official use of number 69

Hayden died from an accident in a bike rehearsal in 2017, where he was severely injured in the head.

Carmelo Ace Peleta, CEO, Dorna Sport, MotoGP tournament manager, revealed, “Nicky Hayden, one of MotoGP’s most valuable riders and has The magic in both tracks and outside tracks ”

“It is a great pleasure to give him this highest honor. By releasing the number 69 to be with the legend And our beloved world champion ”

However, Hayden and No. 69 have a long  UFABET  relationship. By which he used that number throughout his life as a twist

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